Cleaning Car Seats – Get For It

car detailingYou recognize that cleaning it takes a lot of your time, in particular, the seat. Nonetheless, you ought to know one thing – the cleaning seat means the cleaning car. Beyond that, you can keep its value if you want to resell. Based on the seat type, you can determine the method that you need to use for cleaning your vehicle. It takes a lot of time as you get used to thinking. Simply, a little time and a few tools could clean car seats like as the best car vacuum, hard brush, spot remover…and bring back you a seat as new.

Cleaning the cloth of the seat

+ The necessary objects: the soft cloth, hard brush, upholstery cleaner, wet vac (when needing), vacuum with attachments, and spot remover.

Cleaning the cloth of the seat

+ The taken steps:

#1. First of all, you need to vacuum the total of the seat surfaces. The purpose is to remove all dirt or scrap. There are several tight positions, including between the console and the seats. With these positions, using the attachments is helpful for you.

#2. Following, if you observe around the seats, which have any stained locations, you should clean quickly. In case you recognize the damaged signals like the thin fabric, holes, and so on, you ought to carefully clean so as to avoid damaging anymore.

#3. Now, you utilize an upholstery cleaner on the surface the seat’s. It is noticed that the small positions are effectively cleaned.

#4. In this step, you use the hard brush on the fabric in order to remove both the stains and the soiled locations.

#5. After using the upholstery cleaner, but it may still remove the stains. At that time, you ought to utilize a spot remover. Similarly, you also take the hard brush and the cloth to clean them.

#6. Next, you wipe any residual traces with the clean soft cloth.

#7. It checks out the label of the product. Is it necessary? Well, a large number of products do not require washing. In that case, you can keep them dry.

#8. In case it allows rinsing, you can spray a little water on the surface of the area (to avoid wetting the foam cushion if you spray plenty of water). Hence, it quickly removes the wet positions.

#9. Let’s keep the dry seats. You ought to pull the car windows until the seats are entirely dry. By this way, the mildew will not be able to develop.

Cleaning the leather of the seats

+ The necessary things: the soft cloth, sponge, leather conditioner, leather cleaner, vacuum with attachments and water.

Cleaning the leather of the seats

+ The taken steps:

#1. As possible, you should clean the leather of the seats in the shade.

#2. It begins vacuuming the debris and dirt on the surface of the seats.

#3. Next, it applies the leather cleaner for cleaning; then, it continues utilizing the dry sponge.

#4. Continuously, it uses the sponge to rub around the entire surface.

#5. Thus, it dries the surface with the clean soft cloth.

#6. Now, let’s repeat the steps from #1 – #5 for all seats.

#7. Later, by the soft cloth, you use the leather conditioner to wipe the total of the seat surface.

#8. Finally, to dry for an hour.

Supplementary tips + advice

  • In case a carpet steam cleaner has been owned, along with the available upholstery attachments, the cleaning your vehicle will become simpler and easier.
  • The combination a little cream of tartar and lemon juice helps to remove the stains. Similar to other cleaning product, you should also try for the hidden position. In that way, it will avoid the side effects.
  • The best is to select a leather conditioner, which has contained sunscreen so as not to make the leather fading.
  • Let’s always keep a container in your car for both the fabric and leather seats.

In brief, it can say that cleaning car seats become easier than ever before. The right thing to do is to take according to the guide.

Kevin Ward Jr. Wins First Ever Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints Asphalt Assault

EVANS MILLS, N.Y. (June 9, 2013) –  Kevin Ward Jr., had a rough outing on Memorial Day weekend at the Utica-Rome Speedway when he got upside down at the start of the A-Main event. The Port Leyden, N.Y., star has since recovered and now has two wins and three top fives to his credit since then.

Ward, driving his family owned, WPC backed No. 13, powered by Doug Emery just after the halfway point of Saturday night’s SUNY Canton Assault on the Asphalt at the Evans Mills Speedway to become the first ever driver to win a Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprint (ESS) 25-lap A-Main on pavement. The win paid Ward a hefty $2,500 for his efforts.

“This is pretty cool,” said Ward. “I’ve raced asphalt one time in a four-cylinder light truck and it was totally different than this. It wasn’t too much different than dirt. It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be and I’m glad we did it tonight.”

A four car inversion placed Doug Emery and Cory Sparks on the front row for feature. At the green, Emery won the race into the first with Sparks and fourth starting Jeff Cook spinning in the second turn before a lap could be complete.

The second attempt went much smother as Emery beat Matt Tanner into the first corner to take the top spot with Ward settling in behind them in third.

That’s the way the top three remained as they entered slower traffic by lap six. Emery patiently stayed on the bottom with Tanner drawing closer as the traffic slowed the pace. Emery made some nifty moves in traffic to hang onto the lead.

On lap 11 the second and final caution of the race came out when Cook got into the back of Paul Pekkonen as they battled for the fifth position. The contact caused Cook to spin for a second time in the feature.

Emery picked up right where he left off at the green with Tanner and Ward now battling for second. Tanner eventually surrendered the runner-up spot to Ward with ten laps to go. Once in second Ward now set his sights on Emery as he again found himself in traffic.

“After the last caution I noticed the race was about half done,” commented Ward. “I wasn’t too concerned about saving my tires at that point. I started driving the car harder. We got to lapped traffic there and I was waiting for the moment to happen where I could make a move.”

Ward closed in on Emery and made his move on lap 18 as he drove to the outside of Emery in turns one and two to take over the lead.

“I was expecting to pass him on the bottom,” said Ward. “I never thought I would go high but I saw the bottom was taken up so I figured I’d try the top. That’s what I did and it worked out.”

After getting by Emery for the lead, Ward settled in on the bottom of the speedway and worked lapped traffic flawlessly en route to the win. Emery, of South Onondaga, N.Y., was forced to settle for second in his self-owned No. 33.

“I was waiting for him,” said Emery of Ward. “Early in the race I kept thinking I was seeing a shadow back there. It was a matter a time. I was hoping that if I hit the lapped traffic at the right time I could keep him behind me. Everyone told me I was out there until we hit traffic so at least I know I had a car that was comparable to his.”

Tanner was able to hold off Sparks in the closing laps to grab the final podium finish in his first ever asphalt event.

“That was pretty good,” said Tanner. “I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’ve never run pavement before. To get third to Kevin (Ward) and Doug (Emery) is cool. They seemed to be the class of the field and I’m pretty happy with it.”

Sparks come home in fourth while Cook drove his way back up through the field a second time to finish in fifth.

ESS/Evans Mills Notes: The first ever event for the tour celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary played host to a record crowd at the history filled speedway…Fans were seen walking a quarter-mile to get to the track as the parking lot was completely filled…Randy Brunell, who has had tremendous success at Evans Mills in a pro stock, was Jeff Cook’s teammate and showed good speed and was a threat on the night…George Quintana and Tom Fletcher came from the Wyoming County Speedway area where they run sprints on asphalt bi-weekly and were welcome additions…With the success of the event plans are already underway for a second annual Asphalt Assault at the Teresa Caprara promoted 1/3rd mile.

Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints/SUNY Canton Asphalt Assault – Evans Mills Speedway

SUNY Canton A-Main – Kevin Ward Jr. ($2,500), Doug Emery, Matt Tanner, Cory Sparks, Jeff Cook, Randy Brunell, Paul Pekkonen, Mike Stelter, Billy Jaycox, Tom Fletcher, PJ Peworchik, George Quintana, Steve Hutchinson Jr.

Heat 1 – Cook, Sparks, Brunell, Stelter, Pekkonen, Jaycox, Peworchik.
Heat 2 – Ward Jr., Emery, Tanner, Fletcher, Quintana, Hutchinson Jr.

Lap Leaders – Emery 1-17, Ward Jr. 18-25.

Flag-to-Flag Victory for Jo Jo Helberg at Dixie

BIRCH RUN, Mich. (July 5, 2013) – TRUFUEL Must See Racing Sprint Series Points Leader Jo Jo Helberg won the Auto Value Super Sprints 30-lap feature at Dixie (MI) Motor Speedway on Friday, July 5. He led all 30 laps and fended off several challenges from 2012 Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series Champion Joe Swanson. Fast qualifier Troy DeCaire finished in third position with Geoff Kaiser and Jason Blonde completing the top five.

“Dixie is a new favorite of mine and it was great to see a really good crowd ,” said an excited Jo Jo Helberg after earning his second career Auto Value Super Series victory. “Thanks my dad, girlfriend and Jerrod for sticking me after a poor qualifying effort and a trying heat race were our nose wing collapsed. I didn’t see him (Joe Swanson) at all. My dad was giving me signals and he was pretty fast. The short runs worked great for us. It allowed me to cool the tires down. I was able to get through 1-2 really good, but it was pushing really bad in 4. Figured if I could arch it in there, it could save both lines where he couldn’t get by me.”

The 20-car field took the green flag and before the competition of lap one, sixth place starter Jimmy McCune made contact with the outside wall between turns 1-2. The Toledo, Ohio, veteran was unable to restart his BIoBased.US N. 88. That caution erased a great start by Helberg.

On a complete restart, Helberg once again charged into the lead in his No. 7 car. Inside front-row starter Ryan Gillenwater settled into second spot. At the sixth go-around Swanson was glued to the bumper of Gillenwater in the battle for runner-up honors and then made the pass to take second.

The caution waved at lap nine with Helberg showing the way over Swanson, Gillenwater, Bill Tyler and Troy DeCaire completing the top five.

On the restart, Davey Hamilton Jr. lost an engine and came to a stop in turn 2. The lengthy delay forced series officials to bring out the red flag and they allowed teams to refuel. That caution was a huge break for DeCaire, who lost four positions on that restart.

During the next stretch, Helberg continued to show the pace and Swanson was able to remain within striking distance while they worked through some lap traffic. Then just past halfway the yellow waved for a spinning Cody Hoover at the bottom of turn 2. At that point, Helberg was leading with Swanson, DeCaire, Tyler and Jason Blonde filling out the top five.

The second half of the event the yellow waved for a hard crash by Jim Swain in turn 4 and Bill Tyler made contact with the turn 1 wall. Both drivers were ok.

At the finish, Helberg fended off challenges from Swanson to grab the victory at the .40-mile oval.

“We had a good car, I just wasn’t able to get a long enough green flag run to get by him (Helberg), said runner-up Joe Swanson. “I felt we had a better car, when his tires would get hot he would start pushing.”

The final night of Pavement Sprintweek will take place at Angola (IN) Motorsport Speedway on Saturday, July 6.

1 2 7h Jo Jo Helberg
2 8 7* Joe Swanson
3 10 40 Troy DeCaire
4 7 7 Geoff Kaiser
5 9 42 Jason Blonde
6 14 99 Mike Ling
7 11 61 Kevin Feeney
8 4 38 Dave Baumgartner
9 16 16 Kyle Feeney
10 1 45 Ryan Gillenwater
11 18 12 John Turnbull Jr.
12 15 4 Cody Hoover
13 19 87 Brian Gibbs
14 5 24 Bill Tyler
15 13 46 Jim Swain
16 20 44 Teddy Alberts
17 3 60 Davey Hamilton Jr.
18 17 3 Mike Astraukas
19 6 88 Jimmy McCune
20 12 26 Jeff Bloom


Sierra Jackson Returns to Winner’s Circle at Meridian

MERIDIAN, Idaho (July 4, 2013) – When we last saw Sierra Jackson at ASA-sanctioned Meridian Speedway, her crew was picking up the pieces of her shattered photo (2)sprintcar.

The Middleton, Idaho driver made a triumphant return to the pavement of her home track Thursday night, putting a nearly three-second cushion between her and her nearest competitor to win the Mtn. Dew Winged Sprintcars main event during the Stinker Stores Firecracker 50 and Fireworks Extravaganza.

In other main events:

• Star, Idaho’s Tony Ackerland ran away from the field in his attempt to shake up the Pepsi Sprintcar season standings.

Jackson’s last appearance at Meridian ended in a Turn 1 crash in the first lap of a preliminary race when she collided with Canadian Robbie Haslum during the second night of the BOB FM Diamond Cup XXV on June 1.

Although that race was part of the Canadian-American Western Winged Sprintcars Series, Jackson saw many of the same competitors Thursday.

She posted a 2.97-second win over Meridian’s Bryan Warf, who is the early points leader in both the tour and the local series.

In the Pepsi Sprintcars, Ackerland entered the night four points behind series leader Rob Grice of Nampa, but ended the Fourth of July as a man of determination.

Ackerland walloped the field by 7.137 seconds to win the 30-lap feature.

Meridian, Idaho’s Colton Nelson finished second, while Grice was third more than 7.3 seconds behind his chief challenger.

Meridian Speedway

Stinker Stores Firecracker 50

Thursday’s unofficial results

Main events

Pepsi Sprintcars (30 laps) — 1. Tony Ackerland, Star, Idaho; 2. Colton Nelson, Meridian, Idaho; 3. Rob Grice, Nampa, Idaho; 4. Mike Anderson, Nampa; 5. Justin Segura, Nampa

Mtn. Dew Winged Sprintcars — 1. Sierra Jackson, Middleton, Idaho; 2. Bryan Warf, Meridian; 3. Mike Murgoitio, Meridian; 4. Brandon Johnson, Caldwell; 5. Johnny Giesler, Meridian

Trophy dashes
(Four laps each)

Mtn. Dew Winged Sprintcars — 1. Johnson; 2. Warf; 3. Murgoitio; 4. Giesler

Pepsi Sprintcars — 1. Segura; 2. Ackerland; 3. Ryan Newman, Caldwell; 4. Grice

Heat races
(Eight laps each)

Mtn. Dew Winged Sprintcars

A Heat — 1. Warf; 2. Murgoitio; 3. Johnson; 4. Giesler

B Heat — 1. Sierra Jackson, Middleton, Idaho; 2. Dave Parrie, Boise; 3. Matt Elliott, Caldwell; 4. Mark Floyd, Nampa

Pepsi Sprintcars

A Heat — 1. Ackerland; 2. Jimmy Gross, Fruitland, Idaho; 3. Ryan Wiederich, Nampa; 4. Grice; 5. Newman

B Heat — 1. Kevin Kressly, Caldwell; 2. Colton Nelson, Meridian; 3. Tyler Barrow, Boise; 4. Mike Anderson, Nampa; 5. Lynn Sharp

Fast times

Mtn. Dew Winged Sprintcars — Murgoitio, 11.496 seconds

Pepsi Sprintcars — Ackerland, 13.405

Aaron Pierce Spins and Wins Firecracker 50 at Auto City

CLIO, Mich. (July 3, 2013) – Aaron Pierce recovered from a lap two spin to win the TRUFUEL Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series (MSRXSS) Firecracker 50 at Auto City Speedway in Clio, MI Wednesday night before a huge crowd. The win was the first MSRXSS victory of the year for Pierce.

After spinning exiting turn four on lap two, Pierce began his charge to the front after restarting on the tail. Pierce worked traffic aggressively in an attempt to get back to the front. Pierce passed Brian Gerster for second position on lap twenty-five and took command of the race with a lap twenty-eight pass of then leader Kody Swanson and never looked back.

In victory lane Pierce explained how perfect his car was throughout the race. ”Our car was just good” explained Pierce. ”We hit the setup right and got the car working on the bottom where I got all my passing done. If we keep up like we have been, we’ll win this championship” concluded Pierce.

The huge crowd was greeted with phenomenal racing the entire night. The feature event itself provided multi-groove passing and was arguably one of the best MSRXSS feature events to date.

Pierce was chased to the finish by Jo Jo Helberg and Troy DeCaire rounding out the top three. Brian Gerster crossed the line in fourth with Jimmy McCune completing the top five.

Heat races went to Jim Sheets, Brian Gerster, and Ryan Gillenwater. Jo Jo Helberg was the night’s fast qualifier with a lap of 13.317 seconds. A 10 was drawn for the feature invert which found Darren Roberts and Kody Swanson on the front row.

Kody Swanson, Brain Gerster, Troy DeCaire, and Jo Jo Helberg shuffled the running order of the top five positions for most of the event.

1 9 26 Aaron Pierce
2 10 7 Jo Jo Helberg
3 8 41 Troy DeCaire
4 4 50m Brian Gerster
5 7 88 Jimmy McCune
6 6 07 Jacob Wilson
7 16 38 Dave Baumgartner
8 3 45 Ryan Gillewater
9 12 18 Jim Sheets
10 5 51 Mike Larrison
11 13 56r Ryan Myers
12 2 64 Kody Swanson
13 11 26 Jeff Bloom
14 1 5r Darren Roberts
15 15 60 Davey Hamilton Jr.
16 14 81 Jimmy Kite
17 18 6b Kevin Blue
18 17 1 Trevor Berry

An Inside Look – Auto Value Super Sprints at Dixie Motor Speedway

ANDERSON, Ind. (July 2, 2013) – The Auto Value Super Sprints returns to Dixie (MI) Motor Speedway in Birch Run, Mich. on Friday, July 5. This is the second of three appearances to the .40-mile oval.

Most Recent Series Event:
Troy DeCaire became the second winner in the opening three events when he took the checkered at Toledo (OH) Speedway on Friday, June 14, as part of The World’s Fastest Short Track Show. The Tampa, Fla., native led all 30 circuits and cruised to over a six second victory over Jason Blonde, who advanced from the seventh starting position. Kody Swanson finished a season best third with fast timer Cody Gallogly and Aaron Pierce rounding out the top five.

Championship Chase:
Three top-five finishes have placed Jason Blonde into the early season points lead. He leads two-time winner Mike Ling by 19 markers. Joe Swanson ranks in third position with Kevin Feeney and Jim Swain rounding out the top five.

News and Notes:
The event on Saturday, June 29 at Sandusky (OH) Speedway was canceled due to rain and wet grounds.
– Mike Ling’s 2013 streak of two consecutive victories ended with an eighth-place finish at Toledo (OH) Speedway on June 14.
– Troy DeCaire won his second career AVSS feature at Toledo
– Jason Blonde posted quick time in the first appearance at Dixie in May with an official clocking of 12.416 seconds.
– Tim Cox returns to the track of his best season finish of fifth.
– Mike Ling has won two of the previous three events at Dixie. He finished 12th in the other appearance.

Recent Winners at Sandusky Speedway:
Friday, May 17, 2013 – Mike Ling; Friday, August 3, 2012 – Kevin Feeney; Friday, June 29, 2012 – Mike Ling

Event Information:
Friday, July 5, 2013
3:00 PM – Spectator Gates Open
3:00 PM – Practice Begins
5:00 PM – Spectator Gates Open
5:30 PM – Qualifying
7:30 PM – Racing Begins
Times Local to Track

Adults – $18
Seniors – $17
Teens – $15
Child – $7
Five and Under Free

Rick Brown Scores Stateline Victory

POST FALLS, Idaho (June 29, 2013) – Rick Brown won the the ASA-NSRA and Western Winged Sprintcars co-sanctioned event at Stateline Speedway in Post Falls, Idaho on Saturday, June 29.

Brown in the No. 98 Sprinter, started on the inside of the front row and took command of the race at the drop of the green flag leading all 40 laps in the event. Ryan Burdett crossed the finish line in the runner-up position with Matt Mansell, Johnny Giesler and Sierra Jackson completing the top five. The driver on the move was Giesler who advanced from ninth starting spot to cross the line in fourth. 13 of the 15 starters completed the full 40 lap distance.

Matt Hein set quick time with a lap of 11.324. Heat victories went to Burdett and Mansell.


1 1 98 Rick Brown 40
2 2 36 Ryan Burdett 40
3 3 14 Matt Mansell 40
4 9 23 Johnny Giiesler 40
5 4 25 Sierra Jackson 40
6 7 91 Bryan Warf 40
7 8 76 Andy Alberding 40
8 10 98H Matt Hein 40
9 12 12 Ron Larson 40
10 14 26Z Chris Schmeizle 40
11 6 33J Jeff Montgomery 40
12 5 22 Richie Larson 40
13 11 25Z Rob Haslam 40
14 13 53 Tony Berry 28
15 15 84 Don Williams 14

Local Ryan Newman Wins LeeRoy Nelson Memorial at Meridian

MERIDIAN, Idaho (June 16, 2013) – A racer with a familiar name carved out his own piece of history Saturday night at ASA-sanctioned Meridian Speedway. Ryan Newman – the one from Caldwell, Idaho – won the 10th annual LeeRoy Nelson Memorial, jumping to the lead after a restart with 13 laps to go.

Newman, who shares the same name of a successful NASCAR driver, is the 10th different man to get his name on the perpetual trophy. Jeff Russell won the 2008 race, which was the last time that Pepsi Sprintcars raced for the trophy.

Newman was putting pressure on early race leader Cody Huddleston of Meridian, Idaho and the pair was running a half-lap clear of the field when Nampa, Idaho’s Rob Grice made contact with Adrian, Ore. 13-year-old Tristen Spiers to bring out a yellow flag with 13 laps left. Grice and Spiers were battling for third place at the time.

Newman had to hold on to the lead again with another side-by-side restart with six laps remaining.

Spiers spun in Turn 4 to bring out the caution flag as points leader Tony Ackerland of Star, Idaho was trying to make a move on Huddleston in a duel for second place.

Newman pushed his racecar out to the front again with four laps left after another teenager – 15-year-old Justin Segura of Nampa – took a spin in Turn 4.

The speedway has a quick turnaround as the next racing comes Wednesday for the Cricket Dairy Days Races and Carnival. The Mtn. Dew Winged Sprints return to the paved quarter-mile oval for the first time since the BOB FM Diamond Cup XXV on May 31 and June 1. The $2,500 bounty still stands for the first winged sprints driver to break into the 10-second range on a qualifying run.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $7.50 for military personnel with ID and senior citizens, and $6 for children ages 7-11. Children 6 and younger get in free, as always. A family pass for two adults and up to four children 7-11 is $30. Gates open at 4 with racing at 6:30 p.m.

The Dairy Days show is the only chance to see racing at the Meridian track next week as the speedway is dark the Saturday of Meridian Dairy Days.

Visit or “like” Meridian Speedway on Facebook to get the latest information. The racetrack can be reached by phone at (208) 888-2813.

Meridian Speedway
LeeRoy Nelson Memorial
Saturday’s unofficial results
Main events
LeeRoy Nelson Memorial 30 for Pepsi Sprintcars – 1. Ryan Newman, Caldwell, Idaho; 2. Rob Grice, Nampa, Idaho; 3. Cody Huddleston, Meridian, Idaho; 4. Colton Nelson, Meridian; 5. Tristen Spiers, Adrian, Ore.

Heat races
(Eight laps each)
Pepsi Sprintcars
Fast Dash – 1. Nelson; 2. Tony Ackerland, Star, Idaho; 3. Don Allen, Meridian; 4. Jimmy Gross, Fruitland, Idaho; 5. Newman
B Heat – 1. Huddleston; 2. Tyler Barrow, Boise; 3. Michael Anderson, Nampa; 4. Larry Hull III, Boise; 5. Spiers

Fast time
Pepsi Sprintcars –Ackerland, 13.691

Kevin & Kyle Feeney To Race Non-Winged Sprints At Spartan and Winged Sprints At M-40

By M.P.H. Promotions

OXFORD, Mich. (June 6, 2013) – Kevin Feeney and Kyle Feeney had planned on racing at the fast 3/8s mile high-banked paved oval of Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, Michigan to compete with the Auto Value Super Sprints Series on June 1. Unfortunately, Mother Nature would sweep the entire program forcing Series and Track Officials to postpone the event.

The last time the Father / Son duo racing for Feeney Motorsports / Marv Carman Motorsports raced together was on May 17th at Dixie Motor Speedway in Birch Run, Michigan and May 18th at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan. At Dixie, Kevin finished ahead of his 19-year-old son Kyle collecting a fourth place finish as Kyle finished 11th at Dixie while at Berlin, Kevin again finished fourth with Kyle advancing a couple of positions as he scored an eighth place showing.

Now both Feeney’s will re-shift focus and take off the Wings to race at the tight 1/4 mile slightly banked paved oval of Spartan Speedway in Mason, Michigan in the tracks bi-weekly LaFontaine Ford Spartan Sprints division on Friday, June 7 before strapping the Wings back on the next night on Saturday, June 8 as they’ll compete with the Hoosier Outlaw Sprints Series (H.O.S.S.) at the 3/8s  mile semi-banked paved oval of M-40 Speedway, located west of Kalamazoo in Jones, Michigan.

“This will be my first time competing at Spartan without a wing and Saturday will be Kyle’s first time racing at M-40, he hasn’t even been there to watch before,” Laughed the 44-year-old patriarch of Feeney Motorsports. “This weekend should be a lot of fun though, no points to worry about and we’re just going to have some fun and maybe even come out with a win or two. At Spartan I will be in the #98 and Kyle in the #8 car and Saturday I will be in the #61 and Kyle in the #16.” He ended.

In his son, Kyle Feeney’s last race, the 65th annual Pay Less Little 500 at Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana on Sunday, May 26, Feeney would start 32nd in the race on Saturday, May 25 and after a rain delay which moved the conclusion of the race to Sunday, May 26 combined with a very rough event, would come away with a 23rd place showing.

For the rest of the 2013 racing season, Sponsorship decals on the side of both Marv Carman Motorsports / Feeney Motorsports Sprint Cars include; U Coat It Floor Coating as well as Comp Cams, Bartholomew Heating & Cooling, Super Shox, Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil, Bailey Racing Engines, Simpson Racing Equipment, Dovey Roost Farms, Broadway Grille, Mel’s Dinner, Ed’s Auto & Trailers, Larry Timms Farms ,Traders Ricks Arms & Accessories ,Canopys-R-US ,Millers Pharmacy, Chris Miller’s Pictures, Rankin Sign Designs, Imagine Design Now and M.P.H. Promotions.

To learn more about Kevin and Kyle Feeney and the entire Feeney Motorsports Team, and to inquire about additional sponsorship opportunities for the remainder of the 2013 racing season, go to the teams website located at: You can also check out the Facebook Fan Page at: and searching for “Feeney Motorsports” and clicking on the “Like” button.

Stuart Earns WILROC Cash

Victoria, B.C. (June 4, 2013) – Continuing his superb start to the WILROC season, Mark Stuart earned his second consecutive victory taking the checkers at Western Speedway on Saturday, June 1.

Brian Bickford and Matt Verhagen shared the front row for 35 laps of racing in the Richlock Rentals Sprint Car Feature event. By lap three Lance Wade had the lead followed by Duane Zeinstra, also looking for a clean sweep, and Chris Root. Just a few laps later Guy Barrett done a complete three sixty,

Coming out of turn four and the field in a tight bunch, kept his foot in it with no contact, got the car straight and never lost a beat much to the delight and amazement to everyone looking on. On lap 10, Mark Stuart took the second spot dropping Zeinstra back to third. On lap 16, Jeff Bird who had occupied the fifth spot pulled his car into the pits. On lap 18, Root took over the third position. Up front Stuart was holding a pretty comfortable lead until the yellow came out on lap thirty-two as Chris Root went around on turn four. On the restart, Stuart got away clean and went on to the win followed by Lance Wade, Zeinstra, Barrett, and Mike Haslam rounding out the top five positions in a race that only lasted a little over twelve minutes.

Western Speedway hosted the Richlock Rentals WilRoc Sprint Car Series Saturday night. Trophy Dash wins went to Duane Zeinstra and heat race victories were captured by Zeinstra and Brian Bickford.

Pos No. Name Laps
1 15s Mark Stuart 35
2 98 Lance Wade 35
3 11 Duane Zeinstra 35
4 47 Guy Barrett 35
5 22 Mike Haslam 35
6 25 Chris Root 35
7 88 Brian Bickford 34
8 34 Matt Verhagen 34
9 8 Shane Woolcock 34
10 3 Jim Giles 24
11 55 Jeff Bird 16